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Welcome to my small nook within this web of woven bits. Thank you for visiting. ^_^

I am a freelance web developer based in Austin, TX, and have over 21 years of experience authoring custom web sites and web applications.

If you are hoping to message me, please use contact form.

- Nathan

<folio />

** This is terribly out-of-date. Apologies.

* A sampling from my work portfolio. Not everything I have done is included. Please ask if you are curious about anything.

Custom Built Doors (2008)
screen: design center screen: admin
Organic Food Delivery (2007)
screen: home screen: cart
Home Contracting Services (2006)
screen: home screen: estimate form
Yoga and Meditation (2005)
screen: web log screen: schedule
Sm. Business- Jewelry (2004)
screen: catalog screen: order form
Title Services (2001)
screen: home
Residential Home Builder (2000)
screen: home
Web Storefront E-Commerce Software (1999)

Web Server Add-on Software (1996)

Mac Hardware & Software Mail Order (1995)
screen: catalog screen: shop cart
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<skill />

* This listing is a summary of my computer skills. I have been working professionally with computing environments since 1989, and with client/server environments (including Internet servers) since 1991.

Web Development; (~ 21 years exp)
and Programming (~ 25 years exp)
Human Interface Design (~ 21 years exp)
Database Administration;
and Software Analyst/Architect (~22 years exp)
Network Administration (~ 23 years exp)
Network Security (~ 18 years exp)
End-User Application Software (~ 27 years exp)